Ancient History

Ancient history is that I have always been fit and done loads of sport. I enjoy being outdoors and like adventures. As a youngster I played games – hockey, tennis – then at PE College my allegiance went to the mountains – climbing, walking and skiing.

When the babies started arriving I turned to running – the easiest way to get out of the door.  I ran a half marathon between each of the pregnancies and got down to my fighting weight and shape each time before the next baby (I have 4 wonderful daughters).

In between daughter 3 and 4 I flirted with triathlon and got quite good in local Dorset competitions for a couple of years.

Corsham Triathlon May 1991

Corsham Triathlon May 1991

Then along came Alice and there was just enough time to fit in a run three or four times a week.

Marathons became a regular part of my life from 1994 until the last one (almost definitely) in 2009.  As a family we hill walked, skied, travelled, sailed and the girls as adults are quite an active bunch.

Kayaking became part of our lives in 2007. White water paddling was short-lived (I value my life) and we have become keen sea kayakers. (Husband has the requisite beard).

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About Barbara

I am a lifetime endurance athlete and seem to still have the motivation now that I am 61 years of age to get out there and be active and adventurous. I completed a full ironman distance triathlon in 14 hours a couple of months before my 60th birthday and the London Marathon 12 minutes inside the Good For Age time in April 2016. In June 2016 I won my age group at the Exmoor 70.3 Ironman event. Since then I have become less interested in competing and more interested in having fun. Running has become increasingly difficult and not so much fun so I am doing less of that. However, I still ride my bike at least 300 kilometres in a 'normal' week and swim, gym , yoga etc to keep up my fitness and health . Mountain biking became a new feature of my life in 2016 and with that came a new cycling buddy. A wonderful suprise - my husband! This has changed what we do with our time together and in June 2017 we enjoyed a tour of the west coast of Scotland and the Outer Hebrides together. Audax riding is still a regular feature and in June 2017 I completed 4 years of AAARTY.

1 thought on “Ancient History

  1. Paul Manancourt

    I hear you met ‘Steve’ today, I hope he sorted you a bike out or gave you some good advice. You’ll not find a better family LBS.


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