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Day 5: Kington to Delamere Station – Rare birds and obscure Saints

Welsh roadsigns...don't get me started!

Welsh roadsigns…don’t get me started!

Today we did 91 miles with 5,000 feet of ascent. We left the hills of the Welsh border and arrived in Cheshire. Once again we had the Northerly headwind and bright, chilly, dry weather.

We left Kington Youth Hostel at 07:45 after extra porridge and crumpets to prepare us for the hills ahead. Continue reading

Day 4: Bristol to Kington – A bridge, an abbey and a very steep hill

The Severn Bridge

The Severn Bridge

Today we did 70 miles with 6,000 feet of ascent. It was a day of bright sunshine, blue skies with a brisk chilly wind on the nose from the North. It was a day of constantly changing scenery with dramatic views.

We left Bristol at 0800 and made our way up the A38 and out of the city. We were going against the flow of the traffic and moving quicker than the motorised vehicles. We made good progress and were soon passing under the M5 and out into the more rural area before reaching the original Severn Bridge.
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Day 3: Tiverton Parkway to Bristol – Good company, punctures and cheesecake.

Another day - another county.

Another day – another county.

There was much less wind today and it was bit warmer.   It was quite overcast but no rain.  70 miles and about 3,400′ of ascent.  It felt like a rest day after the headwinds and hills of the first two days.

Our overnight accommodation at Tiverton Parkway Travel Lodge worked very well and we were both well rested and ready to leave at 0700.  We had arranged to meet my daughter Kathryn and her boyfriend, also called Steve, off the train from Bristol, at Taunton at 0820.
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Day 2: Tintagel to Tiverton Parkway – Blue skies, sunshine and views.

Steve...a man who likes to eat...a lot!

Steve…a man who likes to eat…a lot!

We knew today was going to be one of the toughest because of the distance and the hills.
77 miles with 6,500 feet of climbing with a strong headwind…hmmmm!

We left the magnificently situated Tintagel Youth Hostel at 07:45 and pushed the bikes up the rough track to the church on the cliff top.  After a pleasant ride through the village we began the 3 mile ascent towards Davidstow.  The view behind us as we left the coastal landscape was beautiful. As we gained height the vegetation changed to moorland as we were now on the north side of Bodmin moor. Continue reading

Day 1: Lands End to Tintagel – Head winds and steep hills

At a blustery Lands End, ready to go

At a blustery Lands End, ready to go

Our LeJog plan gradually came together over several months, but the day of departure came upon us with a bit of a rush, as suddenly it was the 26th April. At 05:30 we picked up Steve and all his kit and set off for Lands End. With little traffic on the road we made good time and arrived at 08:15. It was blowing hard and very cold but this had not deterred Phil, Maggie and Richard turning out to see us off. We got the bikes loaded up with the panniers, pumped up the tyres and posed for photographs at the famous finger post. The Dorset flag was produced for the first time and it acted as a sail in the strong wind, almost lifting us up.
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Mud, Sweat n Gears Club Ride

The MSG group ready for the off

Muster stop at Gore Cross

Bridport has a branch of Mud, Sweat n Gears – a bike shop. They have started a Club which has an evening ride on Tuesdays. Steve and I have joined the Club and yesterday we left our bikes with Tim so he could do a free Safety Check and gear adjustment. This is a free service to Club members. My Galaxy which had been serviced by Toby from Pedals and Paddles was not surprisingly given a clean bill of health. Steve’s front derailleur was falling apart and was replaced. Good to get that sorted before we start LeJog on Friday. Thanks Tim.

14 riders set out from Bridport this evening. It had been a lovely day. Warm, blue skies, light winds and sun. Although it was chillier in the evening it was still great riding weather. Most people were on road bikes so it was quite a challenge to keep up on my heavy Galaxy. Continue reading

Steep hills, flat hills and half hills

LeJog pedalling buddy Steve

LeJog pedalling buddy Steve

Steve my LeJog buddy has been away. I was away and we’ve both been ill. So we haven’t ridden together for a month.

Today we met at 9am for a foray into East Devon on our touring bikes loaded up with the kit needed for LeJog. The weather was overcast, 10mph of westerly wind and a temp of 9 degrees. We set off from Bridport and ascended a half hill at Symondsbury – 150 feet about 13%. Onwards along the Marshwood Vale and up Mutton Street to Marshwood. Mutton Street is a steep hill with a maximum grade of 17% and about a mile long. Following this was another steep hill in the middle of nowhere, around Thorncombe of 300 feet with a maximum grade of 14%.
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