Galaxy Test Drive

The newly refurbed Galaxy on test drive

The newly refurbed Galaxy on test drive

It was good to be back out on the bike after 2 weeks off. Over Easter we had been away camping and sea kayaking on the Isles of Scilly and I had returned from that with a nasty virus which made even walking up the stairs exhausting. I picked up the Galaxy from Toby of Pedals and Paddles after its refurb ready for LeJog and this was it’s first outing.

The bike was good. It felt solid which I suppose is because of a new bottom bracket. I have got new 25mm tyres to replace the 28mm and they are much quieter and maybe a bit quicker. It was very nice to have a silent drive train.

I tried to follow Toby’s advice about avoiding chain crossing. Chain crossing puts a lot of lateral tension (sideways flex) on the chain and will cause the chain to wear out prematurely. Also, being in the ‘big-big’ combination causes the rear derailleur to be pulled overtight, and imposes a lot of force on it.

With all the gear combinations and possible ratio’s, I am trying to find a ‘similar feeling’ gear using the middle chainring and one of the middle cogs, without imposing excessive lateral flex on the chain.

My right quadriceps which had its pea sized lump of tissue extracted in yesterdays biopsy seemed none the worse and didn’t protest at all to the 40 odd miles ride with the usual West Dorset premium of 3,812’ of ascent. It’s a bit warmer – 8 degrees…whoopy do! But windy, cloudy and occasional spots of rain. Not really much sign of Spring yet. The lanes are still very wet and muddy in places with lots of pot holes. I didn’t see another cyclist in 3 1/2 hours.

Details of the ride can be found here.

Just time for a shower before heading off to Iyengar Yoga with Alex at Bridport Leisure Centre


6 thoughts on “Galaxy Test Drive

    1. Barbara

      Hi Ian
      I enjoyed yesterday’s ride . It was good to be out after 2 weeks off the bike with only 2 weeks to go I am aiming to ride as much as possible (say 500 miles) on the Galaxy before we go. Some of it with loaded panniers .
      My E2E buddy, Steve is on a cycling tour in Sicily so I’m on my own for most of it.
      Burton Beach is a great place to ride from. It’s not the attraction of the Hive Beach Cafe though, its where we live.
      It’s cold wet and windy today so not the best riding weather.

      1. Ian

        I guessed it might be. We used to have a cottage in Shadrach, where we spent all of our weekends before moving to Somerset almost ten years ago. I do like Steve’s cafe, even though it’s deservedly become so busy. Very occasionally I cycle down there still; it usually ends up being a ~70 mile round trip even though the direct distance is much lower.

      2. Barbara

        A friend of ours lived in Bakery Cottage in Shadrach for a year or so. Steve has expanded and now has the Watchhouse cafe at West Bay and also an Airstream mobile unit.

        Beach Road can get busy but then for the majority of the time it isn’t. Outside busy times we often have the beach to ourselves – early morning, late evening or when the weather is like it is now. (Cold wet and windy)

  1. Peter Walker

    I’m very interested in your proposed ride. My wife and I completed LEJOG in 2007, on our tandem. We took 3 weeks over it. We also included the Severn Bridge, Arran and a fair bit of the West Coast of Scotland. Our blog is here:-

    It seems that you are aiming to do a bit more each day than we did. We’re not particularly fit and we found some days at 60 mpd with fully-laden bike were pretty challenging. Like you, we booked all our B & Bs in advance. It didn’t occur to me to use Youth Hostels.

    Good luck!

    1. Barbara

      Hi Peter

      I have had a look at your blog. Very entertaining. You write very well. I too enjoy a pint Betty Stogs from time to time.
      I hope we haven’t bitten off more than we can chew in terms of distance but we have been doing 100 mile + weeks through the winter and have done some long Audax events. My buddy Steve is getting in some warm weather last minute training in Sicily whereas I am languishing indoors hoping the rain will stop before I go out for an hour or so.
      We based our mileage on Youth Hostels. Where there was no YHA or SYHA we used independant hostels . Tiverton (2 weeks today) and Preston we are using the Travel Lodge. The section from Carlisle to Lochranza proved difficult in finding accommodation and we have ended up having B and B in a pub at Moniaive which is in about the right place for the distance. On that day it does mean we have to do 65 miles before 1515 to catch the ferry from Ardrossan to Arran which will be challenging.

      If we had left on April 6th this year the weather would have been very challenging. We haven’t really had any signs of Spring yet even down here on the South Coast. It must improve soon. 2 weeks to go !

      I have put the daily routes into my Garmin edge 800 and am still reviewing and tweaking them. We will try and stick with these routes. We will be carrying paper maps from a road atlas too in case of technical failure. (or incompetence)


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