Preparing for Scotland?

Dorset gloom

Dorset gloom

It has rained all day and despite the forecast promising that it would stop late afternoon it didn’t. It was also windy and visibility was low.

So at 6pm I decided to put some lights on the bike and just go out up the valley. I would like to ride every day before I start From Lands End on 26th April.

I had a really nice time. OK so it was raining and I couldn’t see very much. But it was quiet. There was no traffic and the air was fresh and clean.

There were daffodils in the cottage gardens and primroses in the hedges. The new lambs at the road side scampered away as I took them by surprise appearing out of the mist. I enjoy these solitary excursions – my mind takes to wandering. I mused that if I was unfortunate enough to encounter such adverse conditions on my E2E adventure it was likely to be in Scotland and I was lucky enough to have had some preparation. How’s that for cup half full!

I went up the Bride Valley staying as low as possible only going up to 600’. This is as close as I can get to a flat ride locally with 1453’ of ascent in the 18 miles. It would have been unsafe to have gone on the B3157 Coast Road in such low visibility. I almost squeezed 20 miles out of my little jolly and I was very pleased to have been out.

Details of the ride can be found here.


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