Drug Run

Picture of Lewell Mill, near Dorchester

The very attractive Lewell Mill

I often suffer with cramp particularly after a hard exercise session. It seems to attack me as soon as I relax to go to sleep resulting in me springing out of bed and hobbling around the place much to the amusement of Husband. I also sometimes get cramp at yoga and Alex recommended a homeopathic remedy, Magnesium and phosphate. Well I’m a bit of a sceptic so did nothing about this but miraculously Santa knew I needed these little pills and there was a bottle in my Christmas stocking.

I started using the pills first as a treatment (i.e. whilst hobbling about in agony) and when miraculously it seemed to work, I occasionally remember to take some post exercise as a preventative. It has definitely helped. So to make sure I am prepared for LeJog I decided to make the focus of today’s ride a visit to Galen Homepathics to stock up.

Galen Homepathics is east of Dorchester at Lewell Mill DT2 8AN. (01305 263996). There is no website and they do not accept card payments. However advice is freely given over the phone and it is possible to just call in like I did today. The kindly, white coated pharmacist confirmed that Mag Phos 6 is used as a remedy for cramp so I bought myself £3 worth. While I was at it I got a bottle of Arnica 6 tablets as well – to relieve stress and tiredness.

The ride there and back was very pleasant. It is 14 degrees and sunny. I am down to one pair of gloves, have used sun cream, am wearing sunnies and even removed my jacket on the way home.

For West Dorset this was a flat ride with just under 4,000’ of ascent in the 45 miles. Eggardon was shrouded in mist on the outward section. I even stopped to switch my lights on. On the way back at about 35 miles I stopped for a drink and refuel at Martinstown before climbing over Hardy’s Monument.

Roadside fingerpost with directions to Dorchester, Weymouth, Portesham, Winterbourne Steepleton, Bridport and Hardys monument with attached smaller sign for cycle route 2.

Sign to Hardy’s Monument

The westerly wind seemed to be funnelling straight down the road straight at me which made the climb more challenging. It made the descent down into the Bride Valley that bit sweeter though.

The Ride with GPS track is here.

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