Something beginning with Sh…

Gold Hill, Shaftesbury (Wikipedia Commons)

Gold Hill, Shaftesbury (Wikipedia Commons)

Husband decided we need a new shed. To be fair the one that came with the house is a bit rotten. However, he has been looking wistfully at Steve’s shed at the National Trust Car Park down at Burton Beach for some time now. So this is not going to be any old shed this is going to be a Poultons Heavy Duty Apex shed – like Steve’s.

I was reliably informed that we need to go to Sherborne. Before planning my route I checked the location of the shed place and discovered it is somewhere else beginning with Sh – Shaftesbury. 41 miles and only 4,000 feet of ascent. Just 4 proper hills. In addition there were quite a few ‘flat hills’ as classified by cycling buddy Steve.

It is warmer – so although I am still in long trousers, neoprene over boots, long gloves and 3 top layers – I have dispensed with the beanie, buff and the other 3 layers of thermals – and the jacket. Outwards over Eggardon, down to Maiden Newton and on to Cattistock. Up to the A37 down to the Sydling ford and up and over to Cerne Abbas. That was 3 of the hills. Then it was a wonderful, gently undulating (flat hills) ride to within 2 miles of Shaftesbury. Ride with GPS had chosen the route and it did very well. Shaftsbury is at the top of a big hill – all 400’ of it. This was not the famous Gold Hill – which lies within the town, but a long grind up which I have become accustomed to. I was soon through the town heading out on the A350 to be met by Husband with my banana and pint of milk.

The sheds were viewed and a general decision was made. The fine detail of measurements etc (this shed will be made to measure, don’t you know!) won’t be decided until we have demolished the old shed.

We then drove to Dorchester and bought yet another saddle for my bike – one which will hopefully be a bit more comfortable than the one I have at present, which is good for shorter rides but I get a bit ‘wriggly’ after about 70 miles. I then rode the 15 miles home on the new saddle – over Hardy’s Monument and down the Bride Valley.

Food of the Gods!

Food of the Gods!

Further to my post entitled ‘Drug Run’ I have had an interesting development, a suggestion from a fellow cramp sufferer which I am going to carry out extensive research on. This reader – a LeJog veteran – uses Walkers Cheese and Onion crisps – for prevention and treatment. Now – who can resist cheese and onion crisps?

The Ride with GPS track is here.

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  2. choppy123

    Old Bat on a Bike love your name, am a slighlty younger bat and I live in Adelaide now but grew up in Dorset 🙂


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