2 hours – 2 hills – 27 miles

Eggardon Hill

Eggardon Hill in the sunshine.

A busy weekend so I just managed to squeeze a couple of hours on the bike today. It was irresistible as the weather was great. Blue skies and sunshine. There was still a chilly south easterly breeze but the sunshine was enough to tempt my legs out and I wore shorts for the first time in 7 months. I even left the overshoes off. It’s much nicer riding unencumbered by layers of clothes.

The bike is loaded up ready for LeJog so I can get used to cycling with the extra weight. I was only out for 2 hours and rode 27 miles with 2,200’ of ascent. I rode a bit harder as it was so short and this showed in the average watts I generated. This figure is usually between 100 and 115 but today it was 121. How does ridewithgps know I was working hard? I didn’t have my HR monitor on.

Away from the main roads West Dorset is quiet out of the peak summer season. The sunshine had brought the cyclists out – all blokes though.

The Ride with GPS track is here.


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