Mud, Sweat n Gears Club Ride

The MSG group ready for the off

Muster stop at Gore Cross

Bridport has a branch of Mud, Sweat n Gears – a bike shop. They have started a Club which has an evening ride on Tuesdays. Steve and I have joined the Club and yesterday we left our bikes with Tim so he could do a free Safety Check and gear adjustment. This is a free service to Club members. My Galaxy which had been serviced by Toby from Pedals and Paddles was not surprisingly given a clean bill of health. Steve’s front derailleur was falling apart and was replaced. Good to get that sorted before we start LeJog on Friday. Thanks Tim.

14 riders set out from Bridport this evening. It had been a lovely day. Warm, blue skies, light winds and sun. Although it was chillier in the evening it was still great riding weather. Most people were on road bikes so it was quite a challenge to keep up on my heavy Galaxy.

Share the road!

Share the road!

I normally reckon if I average over 12mph I am doing well. This evening’s average speed was 15mph. I was working hard. The elevation was less than it usually is and there was only one steep hill with 500 feet of ascent, 4 half hills and 2 flat hills. The ride was only 20 miles with 1423 feet of ascent. What was most telling about the effort I made was the average watts. This figure is usually around 115 – my tick over output as I like to think of it. Tonight my average watts were 143. A good work out!

Comfort break!

Comfort break!

When I return from LeJog I will continue to ride with MSG Club on Tuesdays but I will go on my road bike and hopefully it will be a little easier to keep up.

The Ride with GPS track is here.


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