Cycling in the window

As Christmas 2013 draws nearer the weather has become increasingly stormy. Strong winds and heavy rain has caused disruption. We had a power cut for 3 hours at Burton Bradstock last night during a fierce storm. For the last few days the sea has been very rough

IMG_2684Heavy seasHeavy seas

and the strong wind has kept me off my bike.

The forecast promised a brief window in the weather for this morning. It was difficult to believe a ride would be possible as the rain was still thrashing against the window when I went to bed. However all was quiet when the alarm went off so I ventured a peep through the curtains and sure enough the moon was shining brightly and the trees were still. The roar of the ocean had quietened.

It was still dark when I left home to meet up with Steve in Bucky Doo Square in Bridport.

We headed up the B3162 towards Broadwindsor. As the day broke the light was bright and there was a lovely sunrise from Lewesden.

Sunrise over Lewesden

Sunrise from Lewesden

At Broadwindsor we took the B3164 up to Pilsdon Pen. The morning light was superb and we enjoyed the views, the blue sky and the sunshine – knowing it was unlikely to last long.

IMG_3083IMG_3085IMG_3089Views from Pilsdon PenViews from Pilsdon Pen

We continued to Chard where we stopped for a hot drink (Steve also had 2nd breakfast of course!) and headed West on the A30. Normally we avoid main roads but the lanes were quite hazardous with debris from the amount of water that had been flowing down them in recent days. We left the A30 to head South passing Harcombe and Membury. From our vantage point above Axminster we were able to see the next band of rough weather approaching.

Weather approaching

Weather approaching

The Axe valley had some flooding – evidence of the heavy rain over the last few days

Waterlogged ground from last weeks rain.

Waterlogged ground from last weeks rain.

From Axminster we chugged up the hill on Sector Lane to the B3165 which we rode along to Marshwood. We descended Mutton Street which had been washed clean

The roads were washed clean

The roads were washed clean

before heading down the Marshwood Vale back to Bridport.

We made it home just before the next storm got going. This is what happened next!IMG_3102HAIL!!HAIL!!

My 4 grown up girls are around for the couple of weeks over the Festive Season so I will take great pleasure in spending time with them and letting my bike(s) take a back seat!PC240085


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