The Challenge for 2015

The truth is that I have set myself the target of doing some triathlon before I’m 60 in November 2015. Not just any old triathlon – an Ironman. I have entered the Weymouth Challenge in September 2015. I have also entered the Bristol Harbourside standard triathlon in June 2015 as a warm up.

Bristol Harbourside triathlon

Bristol Harbourside triathlon

Although I have done a lot of long distance cycling over the last few years I have done very little swimming and running. So I have started training in all 3 components already.

The swimming – a mere 3.8km open sea swim – in isolation is not too bad. I never stopped swimming recreationally and have already increased my Tuesday potter to 3.5km in the pool. I have returned to Swimfit at Bridport Leisure Centre and Virginia is tweaking my technique to increase efficiency.

Open water practice must start soon!

Open water practice must start soon!

Crucially I love being back in the pool and working harder. I do not enjoy swimming in cold water so Iam not intending to enter the sea in UK until it gets up to at least 12 degrees in the spring.

But not before the magic 12 deg C

But not before the magic 12 deg C

The bike ride of 112 miles should not be an issue in isolation. But after 90 minutes in a potentially choppy sea and 26.2 miles of road running to follow I need to get super efficient and fit over the distance. To do this I will continue with Audax AAARTY and some Audax 200k events like the Dorset Coast 200km.

This years Dorset Coast 200km

AAARTY – 100k+ at least once a month with a minimum of 1500m of elevation.

The running. My main concern is keeping injury free whilst increasing the mileage and intensity of training. There are a few milestone races along the way which I will enter. To increase confidence I will run a standalone road marathon and have my eye on the North Dorset Villages Marathon in May.

Other events I have entered are The Grizzly – a ‘Dash to Delirium’ of 20 hilly off road miles on March 1st

The Grizzly

The Grizzly

and the Weymouth Half Marathon on March 15th.

I have rejoined Egdon Heath Harriers and have started going to Club nights in Weymouth.

Egdon Heath Harriers evening run

Egdon Heath Harriers vest back on!

Running in company will increase my pace – I hope.

I have also done a Parkrun. This is a timed 5k run which takes place every Saturday in hundreds of parks all over the country. The nearest one to me is Weymouth. I will do this on Saturday mornings. This will also help to increase my speed.

I have done a bit of reading up on what I should be doing and the advice is that strength training is also important. Ian and I do a daily 2 minute plank and are starting to do fancy moves like lifting one leg up.

Bridport Leisure Centre Fitness Suite manager Luke has devised a weights programme mainly using dumb bells for me which will be reviewed every 6 weeks or so as I get stronger (yeah right!).

To complement all this training and to get the occasional lie down we also go twice weekly to Iyengar Yoga classes at Bridport Leisure Centre. 3 hours a week with Alex seems to keep me reasonably mobile. (She may disagree!)

Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar Yoga

So I have started the training. The 3 components of the Ironman I should be able to manage. The trick will be to string them together into one long event. Very long – I reckon 15 hours is a target to aim for. But I have over 9 months to get fitter!


6 thoughts on “The Challenge for 2015

    1. Barbara

      Hi Kevin. I am fortunate in having plenty of time for training. I live in a great place to train. It is very rural with plenty of hills. The sea is 200 metres from our house . It’s too cold for me in the winter though . We are members of an excellent Leisure Centre where I get my pool swimming. Gym workouts and yoga. At my age the main problem is having enough energy to do the training and of course staying injury free. I am gradually building it up. Thanks for your interest in my blog. I love getting comments from far away.

  1. Tim T aka 'Doo'

    Am impressed and find your blog motivating. 2015 will be tough for me as I am expecting a new delivery (child no.2) in Jan to complement the toddler I already have. 2 babies makes training difficult, so I plan to focus on cycling and am hoping my 60k commute to work and back plus an SR series will be training enough for me to complete the PBP (2nd time).

    My running is pants, I don’t run, but have ran a 1/2 marathon in the past.
    My swimming is pants too. Though I have swam in a one off triathlon (sprint distance) in the past.

    I have never entered an ironman. But I want to. I want to tick that box.

    So, will follow your blog and see if I can plan to do an ironman in 2016 despite having a young family, not living anywhere near the sea, and acknowledging my swim and run is poor.

    (We brushed shoulders on the Dorset Coast 200 btw)


    1. Barbara

      I am glad you find the blog motivating. There are lots of people who I draw inspiration from and I am sure you motivate plenty of others. There are not many people who can ride a SR series and PBP – myself included. We all have to draw on each other. Congratulations on the imminent arrival of your second child. Enjoy every moment of them while they are little – they soon grow up.

      As you are going to be time poor next year you might try a little bit of running. Just 30 mins (approx 5k) a couple of times a week will give big gains in fitness ready for proper Ironman training after PBP. Pool swimming will be good training for most of the time. There are swimming lakes around the country where you can get some open water experience.

      I have been thinking about doing an Ironman for a few years but decided I was too old. However my third daughter – aged 26 – entered the Bolton Ironman and persuaded me I should do one before I’m 60 next November, We are doing the Bristol Olympic distance triathlon ‘together’ (I wont see much of her). Just don’t wait until you babies are 26 before you do an Ironman – do it now!!!

      Hopefully catch up with you on the Dorset Coast on March 29th.


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