Master Cycling study at Kings College

During the testing.

During the testing.

The first paper has just been published in the Journal of Physiology, which is the best journal the research team could have hoped to get the study into. The quality of the publication and the attention given to the study has far exceeded the expectations of the research team.

There have also been articles published in newspapers about the study as well as some TV and radio interviews.

Here is a link to an article published in the Telegraph Newspaper.

3 thoughts on “Master Cycling study at Kings College

  1. Stuart Ritchie

    When I used to cycle every now and then with the North Hants CTC Saturday Group, it was obvious watching mature people (70 years plus in some cases) cycle that it was good for you. Let’s hope this article encourages more people to exercise.

  2. PedalWORKS

    This is interesting. I am 68 and have been cycling most of my life. In recent years, I have taken it more seriously. I cycle every day. Complete several centuries every year and even enjoy long climbs. I can say (and have) that I feel a strong today on the bike as I did 20-30 years ago. There is truth to this study.

    1. Barbara

      Thank you for your comment. I think there are a lot of older people who are enjoying being fit and active. It’s great to have the time and resources to get out on the bike every day. I especially enjoy being able to do a longer ride when some good weather appears. Beats working. The study’s findings suggest that you should have many more years ahead of you to enjoy your cycling.


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