C2C Kit List

Here is a list of all the stuff I took on C2C walk.

The kit

The kit

Zamberlan boots
25+5 Rucksack with Source hydration bladder (I started each day with 1.5l of water)
30l dry bag as a rucksack liner
Leki sprung walking poles (2)
Mammut waterproof jacket with hood
Tilley Hat
Rohan lightweight fleece
Mountain Equipment long warm trousers
Sugoi knee length trousers
Shock Absorber sports bra
2 pairs techie underpants
2 pairs walking socks
Rohan button through shirt
T shirt
North Face long, very lightweight trousers
Long sleeved top
Proper bra
Fleece slippers
Helly Hansen long sleeved top
Explorer maps
Linear maps
Exposure bag
First aid kit
Toiletries and hairbrush
A little food for us, a lot of food for Archie.
iPhone and charger
Small waist bag

This looks like an awful lot of kit to carry 210 miles. 90% of people doing C2C used a commercial company to transport their baggage from one overnight stop to the next. All the kit was tried and tested and some of it is quite old. We did a few practice walks with the kit. We had also walked the TMB in 2014 with similar kit so we were confident it would work.

Bear in mind that quite a lot of this stuff was worn during the day.

I usually wore: boots, socks, underpants, knee length shorts, sports bra, shirt, Tilley hat, sunglasses. The fleece and waterproof jacket were worn occasionally but never for very long. The long warm trousers were worn once.

I carried the iPhone in the small waist bag. I used the phone camera throughout.

The North Face light trousers, pink top, proper bra and slippers were for evening wear but could be used for walking if necessary. (not the slippers!)

The LS Helly and buff were warm extras if required. They were not required but were still essential as back up if we encountered bad weather.

The compass, whistle, exposure bag and first aid kit were not used but still essential. (We did use some Sudocrem and micropore tape for Archie’s leg which he grazed on a cattle grid.

The stuff worn during the day was washed in the evening. We used the tried and tested method of getting into the shower fully dressed and washing the clothes and ourselves. The drying method is that taught to Ian by his mother Maisie for his woollen jumpers at Uni. Roll them up in a towel and apply pressure (stand on them). All our walking kit was made of lightweight fabrics which dried overnight after the excess water was removed by the towel.

I could have carried one less shirt and only one pair of socks, but everything else was used or needed for safety reasons.

There is just item which would have been useful and we didn’t have and that is ankle gaiters. It was too warm to wear full length gaiters but ankle gaiters would have kept debris from getting into our boots and when walking through wet grass would have stopped our socks getting wet which in turn soaked the inside of our boots.