LeJog Route

After much consideration this is the route we have decided on. We are starting at the bottom as it is closer to where we live and the prevailing winds will hopefully be behind us. We are staying on roads but avoiding main roads most of the time. The route through Scotland is hilly and a long way round but we are fortunate in having enough time to go this way and we think the scenery and interest it gives will be well worth the effort.

Our proposed route

Our proposed route

Links to Garmin Connect Daily Routes

Day 1 Lands End to Tintagel
Day 2 Tintagel to Tiverton
Day 3 Tiverton to Bristol
Day 4 Bristol to Kington
Day 5 Kington to Whitchurch
Day 6 Whitchurch to Preston
Day 7 Preston to Penrith
Day 8 Penrith to Moniaive
Day 9 Moniaive to Lochranza
Day 10 Lochranza to Oban
Day 11 Oban to Tobermory
Day 12 Tobermory to Armadale
Day 13 Armadale to Torridon
Day 14 Torridon to Dundonnell
Day 15 Dundonnell to Inchnadamph
Day 16 Inchnadamph to Durness
Day 17 Durness to Thurso
Day 18 Thurso to John O’ Groats

The daily destinations are fixed but the bit in between may vary depending on how we feel.

While I was up at Kings College taking part in a research study Ross the main man had a look at the route. He is from Kilmarnock and was particularly interested in day 9 from Moniaive to Lochranza as it would pass through his home territory.

Ross was able to tell me that my tricky little route from  Prestwick to Ardrossan avoiding all the big main roads  in that area would not be possible because the Irvine Bridge at mile 57 has a big gap in the middle.  He was back up there recently and was walking the dog in the area and knows first hand that we won’t be able to get over the River Irvine on that bridge.

So it’s back to the drawing board. It looks like I will have to stay inland of all the big main roads and maybe add a couple of miles to the route. However thanks to Ross we know this in advance and can plan for it ensuring we will not miss our ferry to Arran.


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